Cardinal 177B specifications (1975 - 1978)
Cardinal 177B (1975 - 1978)
Aircraft Performance Specifications

This information is provided as a guide "at users risk" and is not intended for flight planning purposes! Please consult the relevant Pilots Operating Handbook prior to flight.

177 B Cardinal

Models 1975 through 1978.
Serial numbers 17702124 through 17702752

General Information
1975 177B
Owned by Robert Laidley
Engine Make: Lycoming 180hp
Engine Model: O-360-A1F6D
Propeller Type: McCauley Constant Speed
Power (HP or Lbs Thrust): 180
Engine TBO: 2000

Maximum Cruising Speed160 139257
Recommended Cruising Speed150 130240
Stalling Speed534685

F U E L   C A P A C I T Y Lbs US Gals Litres
Standard Fuel 33050189
Long Range Version402 61231

W E I G H T S US Lbs Kilos
Gross Weight 25001133
Empty Weight 1643745
Max Useful Load857388
Max Useful w/Full Fuel527239

R A N G E   (No Reserve) SM NM KM Hrs
Max Range - Std Cruise, Std fuel tanks88977214286
Max Range - Std Cruise, LR fuel tanks108494217427

C E I L I N G S Feet Meters
Max Service Ceiling146004449
Max Engine Out Ceiling00

C L I M B   R A T E S Feet P/Min Meters P/Min
Max Climb, Sea Level, Gross Weight840256
Max Climb, Engine Out, Sea Level, Gross Weight00

T A K E O F F  &  L A N D I N G   D I S T A N C E S Feet Meters
TakeOff Ground Roll, Sea Level, Gross Weight750228
TakeOff Over 50ft/15meter Obstacle, Sea Level, Gross Weight1400426
Landing Ground Roll, Sea Level, Gross Weight600182
Landing Over 50ft/15meter Obstacle, Sea Level, Gross Weight1220371

A I R C R A F T   D I M E N S I O N S Feet Meters
Fuselage Length (approx.)27.38.32
Fuselage (usually tail section) Height (approx.)8.72.65
Total Wingspan (approx.)35.610.85

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